Why choose Free Sms

Freesms is now offering direct access to purchase sim cards and activations direct from National Service Providers in the U.S.


Freesms stands alone as  the only service available that lets you send directly from cell phone to cell phones in the United States.  Sending from cell phone to cell phone makes a huge difference in delivery.


You can see what network your cell phone is on. The strength of the network, the battery life and you can see what messages are being sent from your cell phone. When someone replies to your cell phone you can see the reply in the dashboard.


Although there  are many cell phone providers there are only 4 cell carrier networks.  Those networks are AT&T, T-Mobile , Verizon, and Sprint. Everyone else is just  a reseller.


These 4 networks are less likely to block traffic from cell phones than they are from  companies that build text and calling software such as twilio or companies that use short codes.


In addition the spam laws are written for systems that  use voip and other computer systems to send messages. You are less likely to face any legal action when sending text from a cell phone vs. a computerized system. We are not lawyers and do not profess to give legal advice. You are responsible for understanding the laws and abiding by them.


So we know the next question is how long will a sim last before it gets burned. Well that is up to you and your marketing.


If you think like a marketer that has the ability to contact thousands of targeted prospects quickly then your sim can last 6 months plus easily.


If you use the tools as an unscrupulous spammer then you can expect to purchase a new sim after every campaign.


We at Freesms are marketers When we built Freesms we built it to generate leads for ourselves not as a product to bring to market. We share this so you know this is not offered or open to just anyone.


We are happy  to share stats of recent campaigns so that you can use this information for your own success.


The  Freesms Team

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